Boy With Brain Injury Won’t Wake Up, Family Says ‘Goodbye’ As Dog Lay On Top Of Him

This is not just another story about how dogs impact our lives in a positive way. It’s a story that will grip and pull on your heart strings. Please be sure to watch the video below all the way to the end, we promise an amazing happy ending!



Caleb was traveling with his parents and siblings when a negligent driver swerved into their lane, colliding with their car. The young driver, who was just a kid himself, unintentionally took the lives of Caleb’s mother and both of her children, but six-year-old Caleb miraculously survived. His injuries were nevertheless severe enough to be life threatening.



Image/Story Source Credit: Caleb’s Story via YouTube Video



Although he was the only surviving member, Caleb had sustained serious injuries. While his fractured bones would mend, his traumatic brain injury might result in death, paralysis, and brain damage, which went on for a long time. To assist him, Caleb’s father and grandmother did whatever it took; however, each day was a struggle.



Nobody knew what the result of these two approaches would be. The doctors suggested a non-traditional therapy by using a canine. To see if having a dog by Caleb’s side might stimulate activity and, in turn, healing, the medical team wanted to try basic interaction. While he was hesitant, Caleb’s father agreed.



Image/Story Source Credit: Caleb’s Story via YouTube Video




Colonel, a golden retriever, served as an inventive and non-invasive way for Caleb to obtain “medicine.” The dog sat beside him quietly with his trainer Susan. They waited for Caleb to react in some manner, but it did not take long at all.



Even when Colonel lay on Caleb’s hospital bed, wiggling his way almost onto Caleb’s tiny body to keep him company, and even attempting to mount him while asleep, Caleb reacted. His heart rate increased, and his respiratory function improved. Something wonderful was happening, and it was all thanks to the only modification in Caleb’s routine: Colonel.



Image/Story Source Credit: Caleb’s Story via YouTube Video




The boy glowed whenever Colonel came to see him. The medical team was shocked. Caleb quickly became more awake, wanting to sit up and interact with the adorable dog. Colonel influenced Caleb in an inexplicable manner both physically and emotionally.




Image/Story Source Credit: Caleb’s Story via YouTube Video



Caleb was playing catch with Colonel. And giggling! Sure, it took time and patience– as well as a team of doctors to family– but it was Caleb who truly connected to him on another level that itself encouraged healing. The tale only gets better from here!



The video below is going to WARM your heart! Please be sure to watch until the very end!


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