Dog Safety Tips For National Safety Month

Safety is a must, and you can trust that we’ve got it top of mind for your furry family member. In honor of National Safety Month this June, we’re sharing a few helpful tips and reminders to make sure you’re playing it safe all summer long with your pup.  

On-The-Go Essentials 

Whether you are on the road or at your final destination, it is important to create a bag of must-have items for your pup in the event they get lost, fall ill, or find themselves in an emergency. Here at Dogtopia, we call this your dog’s go-bag. To prepare for any mishaps at home or away, collect the following to make sure you’re prepared as possible for any experience: 

First Aid Items:  
  • Bandaging: Non-adhesive pads, gauze, and self-adhesive wrap are essential in your go-bag. Please keep in mind, none of these materials should include an adhesive element that will stick to your dog’s fur and cause irritation or be difficult to remove. Pet stores commonly carry dog-friendly gauze. 
  • Ointment: Consider keeping first aid or antibacterial ointment in your go-bag. Antibacterial ointments made for humans can also be used on dogs with minor cuts and scrapes. If your pup tries to lick off the ointment, cover the area with non-stick gauze and wrap with self-adhesive wrap. If your dog continues to access the wound, a cone collar may be an item to keep on hand as well. 
  • Ear Cleaning Solution: If you are headed to the beach, the backyard, or any location where your dog will get wet or will need to take a bath, keeping a non-irritating ear cleanser on hand is crucial. Dogs’ ears are constructed of twists and turns in the skin which makes it easy to contract bacteria and infection. Keeping the area clean will maintain your pup’s overall health. 
  • Saline Solution: When you take your dog on vacation or if they are feeling extra playful outside, there are a variety of things to dig into, and run through, and smell. This may cause a buildup of dirt, sand, or bacteria in or near their eyes. Oftentimes, dogs will try to paw at their eyes in an attempt to remove the buildup themselves. Basic saline solution, the same as what would be used for humans, is an ideal product to help clear out dogs’ eyes. This can be found at almost any pharmacy and is sold as an over-the-counter product.
  • Up-to-Date Paperwork: Important paperwork can be kept in the first aid kit for easy accessibility. This file should include your dog’s vaccine records, regular veterinarian’s contact information, a preorganized list of local emergency veterinarians (if away from home), a list of regular medications, allergies, and the pet poison center phone number. 
  • Photos of Your Dog: In the event your dog gets away from you and you find yourself without access to your cell phone or other technology, keep a recent photo or two of your dog(s) printed in your go-bag.
  • Bedding & Toys: Your pup may want to get their wiggles out during long travel days or simply need a new toy to play with at home. Preoccupy them with casual plush toys and brain games to keep their minds stimulated while on the road. Their bedding will be useful after a day of play AND to gain a sense of familiarity when sleeping away from home. 
  • Leash: Ensure your pup will always be by your side by packing a spare leash in your go-bag when on the road, but as a reminder, please keep your dog leashed at all times to prevent any accidents or issues. 


In addition to National Safety Month, June is also National Microchip Month. The last thing a pet parent wants to experience is a lost dog. 

Microchipping your dog will increase your odds of getting your furry family member back home. Planted between a dog’s shoulder blades, a microchip will contain all contact information to permanently connect your dog to you. Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and will not harm your dog.   

If your dog becomes lost, they can be taken to any animal shelter and have their microchip read to locate your contact information.  

When traveling, it is important to have your dog microchipped to avoid potential emergencies should they escape. Especially in an unknown area, your dog may feel out of place and panic. If they escape your sight and run off, a microchip can bring them back home to you. 

Extra Food

Whether you are flying, driving or staying right at home, it is recommended you keep extra dog food on hand for your pup. Store your dog’s food in a waterproof container to ensure the food stays dry and ready for your pup’s next meal.  

In the event you happen to forget your dog’s food while at daycare, Dogtopia locations are stocked with NutriSource Pet Foods so they never have to miss a meal in their routine. Like Dogtopia, NutriSource Pet Foods has always prioritized the health and happiness of furry family members. When formulating NutriSource products, every ingredient is carefully considered. They are particular about suppliers in order to guarantee that all raw ingredients will pass very stringent testing procedures. NutriSource is equally conscientious about how the food is made, so all of their kibble is manufactured in their own state of the art AIB certified facility. 

NutriSource diets are developed by a dedicated team of pet lovers whose experience spans more than 65 years in the pet food industry. Additionally, they work in collaboration with an Animal Nutritionist that is widely respected as one of today’s foremost experts in pet food nutrition and research. 


And beyond all the physical items that help keep your dog safe, did you know unsocialized dogs can be another area of concern for pet parents? Without socialization, dogs can become territorial and potentially harm people or other dogs. Dogtopia daycare is a great way to grow your dog’s social skills while benefiting their overall health and wellness. With hours of play available every day, your dog will learn through their interactions with the other pups and Canine Coaches, developing their behavior and making them more comfortable in new environments. This not only keeps your dog safe around other dogs but will also give you peace of mind as a pet parent that your dog is happy and comfortable, no matter where they are.  

Interested in socializing your pup at Dogtopia? Find a daycare near you to schedule your Meet & Greet today! 

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