More Trouble!

I have been contacted by a lawyer called “The Slammer” and he has filed a class action lawsuit against Zorro. Over 300 Chihuahuas are suing him for property claims and alimony. The Slammer wants to share out Zorros kennel, toys, food supplies and the Mustang to the plaintiffs that say that they married Zorro and have a prenup promising them these things in case of divorce.

First, I got really alarmed and wondered what Zorro has been up to, but after sorting the papers, I noticed that all Chihuahuas only had three names: Lola, Peach and Tinkerbell, 100 claims each. Tinkerbell has included a picture of 14 pups that she said Zorro has abandoned. The pups look sad but are in different sizes and ages and they do not resemble Zorro at all. Tinkerbell is not agreeing to a DNA test of the “pups”. After closer examination I proved that all papers were photocopied. And the name below the pawprint is not Zorro, it is Sorry!

Sorry, Slammer, you lost the case.

Flurry D. Dog (Can read and write)

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